Travel to Edinburgh and hit the Harry Potter set.


Edinburgh is a city full of attractions Scottish style, not only has a strong English atmosphere but also is one of the Harry Potter author Rowling's favourite cities. Therefore, many scenes in the movie Harry Potter are taken from Edinburgh, this article will recommend a few must-see attractions and places for tourists who intend to travel to Edinburgh.1. Elephant Cafe

Elephant Cafe is not an ordinary cafe, it is J.K. Rowling's very favourite cafe. Rowling often drank coffee here and wrote here to complete the Harry Potter series of novels. It is said that Rowling was inspired in Edinburgh and created this novel full of magic. As the name of the store suggests, there are many elephant elements and decorations inside the store. After a long day of sightseeing, visitors can choose to come here for a cup of coffee and enjoy the view of the street outside the window, with the old castle visible in the distance.

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2. Alnwick Castle

Located north of York and south of Edinburgh, Alnwick Castle is a medieval-style building that is not only surrounded by mountains and water, but also by a beautiful 3000-hectare park. The article recommends visitors visit this place not only because of the stunning scenery but also because of the special events. Anik's Castle offers a special flying broomstick lesson to cater to the movie Harry Potter, which is a very interesting experience. If you plan to go to the castle for this activity, you need to arrive as early as possible, as the courses are always very popular and fully booked due to the free entrance fee. The castle is also located in a rather remote location, so visitors are advised to drive there.

3. Harry Potter Museum

On the famous Victoria Street stands a three-storey Harry Potter Museum. The first and second floors of the museum are stores where you can pick up Harry Potter merchandise as souvenirs for your family. The third floor is great for taking pictures, and if you are Harry Potter smashing, then this place will not let you down.

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    4. Greyfriars kirkyard

    Greyfriars kirkyard is the name of Voldemort in the Harry Potter novels, Rowling often came here for inspiration when writing Harry Potter, and many of the names of the characters in the novels come from the real names on the tombstones. The most interesting thing is that there is a free public tour in Edinburgh, you can Google 'the potter trail' and book the tour in advance on the official website. The whole tour lasts 75-90 minutes, and the docents will lead you to the Elephant Café, Greyfriars kirkyard and other famous sites, not only that, but the docents will also introduce visitors to Rowling's creative stories and inspiration.

All in all, Edinburgh is a beautiful city, but of course, if you happen to be a fan of Harry Potter, then you will love this city even more.