The Loveliest City in Morocco - Chefchaouene


Mysterious and unique Morocco is a country located in the northernmost part of the African continent, it has the reputation as "the garden of North Africa". Morocco is adjacent to the European continent in the north and borders the African continent in the south, so this country has both a European climate and a strong Arabian flavour, if you are a tourist who likes exotic cultures, then you should definitely come to Morocco for a trip if you have the chance. Each city in this country has unique characteristics, and different cities have different scenery, so you will not lose the freshness of travelling here for half a month.

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Chefchaouene's scenery will not be new to you, perhaps you have seen a lot of it in movies or postcards before you came here.

It is a fairy tale world full of blue and white. Walking through the streets here and feeling the refreshing sea breeze may make you suddenly forget that you are in a small town in North Africa for a moment and think that you are on an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Yes, it is so magical that the unique location of the country gives it a different natural landscape. And these blue is not the same, there are light blue, baby blue, dark blue, lake blue and other kinds of blue interplay, so that the whole town although covered by blue, there are layers of colour that will not make look so boring single.


The town's inhabitants have taken it upon themselves to paint everything in sight blue - walls, door panels, window sills, mailboxes, even staircases - blue is the dominant colour. It is said that the houses in Chefchaouene were painted blue to repel mosquitoes, while others claim that it was for religious reasons, but whatever the reason, it is a beautiful and dreamy town today. Although blue and white are the dominant colours, the colourful flower pots on the walls and the colourful handicrafts on the floor by the vendors make the town full of lovely and colourful colours.

In the evening, you can find a high place to overlook the whole of Chefchaouene, a city built on a hill but with thousands of paths that lead to everywhere. Each lane is not wide, but walking through them does not feel confining, especially in the silence of the night, when the city is even more beautiful under the streetlights.

However, this article reminds readers that if you plan to visit here in summer, it is best to prepare anti-mosquito bite spray, after all, there are still more mosquitoes here. There are many handicrafts here are made by local people or Moroccan artists, not only good-looking quality, but the price is also very cheap, tourists can pick some to give to friends and relatives is very good. In addition, the residents do not like the camera of tourists, so when taking pictures should also pay attention to avoid shooting the residents.

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