The itinerary of popular attractions in Hong Kong that you can't miss


Which attractions to hit when you visit Hong Kong for the first time? Based on the travel data of tourists, this article recommends the following popular attractions, including theme parks, urban street scenes and natural scenery. Most of these attractions are located in Kowloon, Hong Kong Island and Lantau Island, so transportation is easy to get around and can be reached by subway, bus or ferry.

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Hong Kong Disney

Although Hong Kong Disney is the world's smallest Disney theme park, unlike other Disneyland, where you no longer have to be afraid to queue, for even the most popular items, you only need to queue for half an hour at most, basically, just spend a day, you can easily play all the projects. Although the area is not large but contains a wealth of projects and performances are very rich, 13:00 flying parade, the 19:30 night parade and the 20:30 fireworks show one after another performance project and the sparkling dream to the extreme.截屏2023-03-10 14.14.07.png

Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour is the most classic and profound impression of Hong Kong in the hearts of many people, especially at night, when the lights are on, you will feel the glitter and glamour of the place. Every night at 8 o'clock, the "illusion of Winged River" light show, but also beautiful, up to 13 minutes of the light show you will see the tallest International Finance Centre in Hong Kong, the century-old former Kowloon-Canton Railway clock tower, and more lined up the magnificent skyscrapers, lights and music intertwined, the building and the shadow of the lights reflected in the water, the beauty is stunning! stunning. A night cruise through Victoria Harbour is something that every visitor will experience. You can choose from the cruise services offered by Star Ferry, Ocean Bauhinia or Dragon Pearl and enjoy the stunning night scenery on both sides of the harbour and experience the unique prosperity of Hong Kong.

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The Peak of Tai Ping Shan

If you can enjoy the night view of both sides of the river from the ferry, then you will reap the stunning night view with different angles and heights to appreciate Victoria Harbour. Climbing to the top of the Peak, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Victoria Harbour. Most of the panoramic views of Victoria Harbour that often appear on postcards are taken here, both day and night are stunning and magnificent, and you can also leave a precious photo here looking at the brilliant view of the stars and lights below the hill. In addition, there is a tour route where visitors can choose to take the Peak Tram, which has a history of 100 years. It takes about 7 minutes to reach the top of the mountain. There is a restaurant at summit square for visitors to have a meal and rest, and the famous Madame Tussauds is also nearby, so you can visit it after the meal. Luigi Road on the west side of the Peak is a hiking trail around the Peak, which not only has a wide view, but is also less crowded with tourists, making it ideal for photographers to capture the scenery, and is lined with lush shade trees, making it ideal for visitors to stroll around.