Go to South Korea for coffee


Speaking of Korea, what do you think of? Barbecue? Clothes? Many people think there are no scenic spots in Korea. But I found many incredible cafes in Korea.The fashion taste of Koreans is really good.Let's go and see such a Korea full of coffee.

Ocean theme coffee shop

How beautiful the ocean theme coffee shop in Seoul is! When I came come here, the first thing I see is a huge whale, which makes people think that this is an aquarium, but actually this is a coffee shop with the theme of marine culture and romantic stars.

The first floor is themed with white beach space. After entering, there will be a footpath leading to the bar, above which hang a group of fish swaying with the wind. There are seating area and dessert area. The seating area is covered with floors like sand beach and waves, and is equipped with various sunbeds, chairs, sofas and boat seats. Sitting here, you will feel that the clear waves are lapping the beach.

截屏2023-01-29 10.55.18.png

In Seoul, there is a cafe with a forest atmosphere, which is divided into three floors.

The theme of the basement is resonance of the earth. The ground is decorated with small stones.

The first floor is themed with resonance of the forest. You need to take off your shoes and sit on the ground. You can also see the small waterfall outside.

The theme of the second floor is resonance of water. There is a lot of water flowing on the floor and a terrace. It's very comfortable to sit on the terrace on a sunny day.

The strawberry Souffle here is very delicious. With a cup of American iced coffee, the beauty of life comes out of your mouth.


There is a Special Cafe in Gangwon-do. The coffee shop is like a traditional Korean house. It is so beautiful that people will cry in autumn.

There is a large courtyard outside the coffee shop, providing some games you can see in the folk village, which is a very interesting experience.

Bream cake is sold here:

There are three in total. The filling is divided into red bean paste or white bean paste. There is also a layer of rice cake similar to glutinous rice and sweet potato.

截屏2023-01-29 10.55.48.png

There is a cafe in Seoul with a train lane. It's so interesting that I can't help inviting you to come here.

Have you ever drunk coal coffee? My favorite is the peanut latte here.

截屏2023-01-29 10.56.15.png

Red Wall Pyramid Cafe

I really thought it was a museum. Unexpectedly, it is a coffee shop.

Its shape is really similar to the pyramid. There are gallery areas and open-air areas. Here you can bathe in the sun, overlook the mountains, and drink a cup of coffee with the sea breeze. Can you imagine how comfortable it is?


Pretend to be in Italy.

Here, you are sure to feel like being in the Colosseum of Rome. The interior decoration is also very Italian.

This is the most European style coffee shop in Korea.

Because Gyeongju is a famous chestnut producing area, the chestnut coffee here is very popular.