Which the season is pleasurable to tour around in Beijing?


There are so many famous parks and scenic spots in Beijing. Do you know which season is the best one to go out in Beijing? Obviously, it's Autumn!


Beijing is located in North China, there are lots of windy days in winter, too cold to go outside of the houses at all. In winter, the weather is the coldest in four seasons.

For considering visitors’ safety, some parks and scenic spots are closed and not open to the public.

During the winter, the local people and senior visitors would like to stay inside of house, gathering together to enjoy hot pots that are popular cuisine in Beijing, to throw away the cold and unpleasant windy weather. If you are not scared of the cold, Beijing will welcome you to visit, you will see the splendid sceneries you probably never see before.

Enjoy the nature beautify and endure the body pain, a nice try, anyway.



Although the spring is much more comfortable than the winter, it is so short that you would not realize it comes to you at all. Sometimes the temperature at the late of winter and the beginning of spring is changing sharply. The weather jumps from the winter into the summer directly, like you dress a thick coat yesterday while you have to put on the short-clothes today. It’s not joke, a real story in the actual life. Even the spring is a short-tailed cat, you still are able to know it comes gradually if you raise your head and see the top of trees, from a bare twig, little green, big green and finally into deep green.



The weather in summer is little hot, moreover, lots of students and on-vacation-tourists, who come from the whole places home and abroad, will flow into the parks and spots in Beijing, it’s much crowd to go through.

Moreover, the peak booking is also the common in Summer, the cost of accommodations and meals are higher than other periods tome.

Considering the visitors’ safety, park furniture and architectures, some of parks and spots will reduce the number of tickets so that they are able to control the people-flow into the parks.



The reason why the Autumn is the most beautiful season in Beijing is because its weather not only sunny, but also the temperature relatively low, and the leaves are yellow and gloomy. Besides. there is another color Beijing Blue in autumn that print people deep impressions on their mind. The sky is so clear and dark blue that you would say it has been washed by the angel.

The golden leaves are hanged on the trees, also the ground, the wonderful time to take photos and remember happy times you experience.


If you are really interested in Beijing and would like to visit, no matter you are alone, or with your friends or families, we still recommend you to do some necessary homework before traveling. Now, due to the special virus spread condition, the cost of tour has increased four times than before. If you still plan to go somewhere, it would be great idea to have a flow-virus check and take the negative-proof material along with you. We all hope everything will come into normal just like three years ago, and also trust the nice day will come back again. Let us make a finger and wish all of us are sound and well.