How would you do for the self-driving travel?


With the rapid economy growth, the pace of life becomes faster, the pressures of working are also heavier than before. As a result, if time permits, many people start to plan to travel for a short-vacation rest. When planning a tour, the people probably encounter more problems, such as far-away destination, inconvenient transportation, high travel costs and uncontrollable traffic jam.


Now, let us talk somethings we have to do for the self-driving tour.

The main reason for choosing the self- driving travel is because it would help us feel comfortable, without tight schedule and crowded group. The self-driving can also save waiting time for the train, taxi or bus. Many people think that self-service travel is economical, however it maybe cost more money if without careful calculation and arrangement ahead.


Basically, for the self-driving travel, you usually need to book hotels, park tickets, food & water and fulfill the tank of the car ahead, etc. If we want to have a happy journey without too much expense and many troubles, then we need to prepare a lot of necessary needs in advance.

Apart from time, travel costs cannot be ignored. It should be noted that travel expenses must be booked in advance, if not, it will lead to a higher cost. However, most of us don’t like to plan ahead and make a tour by a whim, it would definitely cause us more problems and disrupt the normal tour arrangement.



If our self-driving tool isn’t a caravan, the accommodation is supposed to be considered.  If we book a motel or a normal room, the parking lot is a must. Although some hotels have a underground area for car pulling over, we should check information online before to ensure it available.

If not the hotel, you should bring the camp equipment with you, including the sleeping bag, tent, flash-light, quilt and other warm bedclothes.



Self- driving tours don't have to worry too much about food, just eat on the road, and there are many types of food, so you can choose more. Since you need to travel with food utensils, you should eat reasonable food and not choose too cheap or expensive food. This will greatly reduce travel costs!


Tour Safety

It’s very critical for us to concern about the safety on the road, especially when you do the self-driving whatever you alone or with families or friends.

Being sure to check online about the local transportation rule and pay attention to any emergent road conditions. Not go to any places you are not familiar.

When you are tired of the long-way driving, you should pick up a safe place or pull over. And kindly note that keep in touch with your friends or families and make them known where you are and where to go next.

If you are green-hand driver, wanting to practice your driving-skill through the long-self-driving tour, you should ask an experienced driver with you along. We recommend you to participate in the self-driving group to accompany each other on the way. If any urgent happen to you, at least there are some hands available to help you and pull you out.

Don’t do any dangerous try for thrilling. Your life is much valuable than your naïve emotion and other’s admiration.


The self-driving is a wonderful experience and able to go through total different feelings than other transportation. Cherish each and every good times to enjoy happy vacations.