Where do you want to live?


People will meet up with countless people in their life, and different people have different choices to decide where to go and who to keep in touch. However, if you tend to have a hopeful life in future, maybe you will pick up one place you want to live the rest of your life, alone or with families. So, have you ever wondered what kind of life you will bring to yourself? Which city is the best choice to take? According to the 2018 China Urban Talent Attractions Ranking List, the top ten cities in China's urban talent attractions in 2018 are Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, and Tianjin. Beijing ranked first, the flowing are Shanghai and Shenzhen.



Beijing, an old city with colorful culture and deep history, has been called the oldest capital in the earth. People who live here would enjoy the best educational resources, get more job opportunities and more comfortable life. The housing prices in Beijing are higher than Shanghai, but it doesn't affect its popularity among young people. Apart from work pressures, the pace of life in Beijing is much faster than in Shanghai. If you work in Beijing but you have to travel often to Shanghai, you will have a clear opinion which is a better choice to pick up. Beijing is a political center, the convenient transportations like bus, taxi, subway and bikes would take you to wherever you go, at the same times you have to endure its’ terrible traffic jam and higher-living cost on the sleeping place. Beijing is a heaven for kids and a miserable training factory for the young.



Shanghai, one of the most developed cities in China, is called the most dynamic city in China. Due to the rapid economy development, the prices of the living-places are higher too than other cities, like its sister city Beijing. Thanks to abundant educational resources and the nice urban environment in the world, Shanghai is named as a great place for young people to grow up, and the pressures of working and living in Shanghai is unbearable bigger. Although there has been a wave of unemployment for several years, the average income here is still stable without too many changes. Shanghai, like a melting pot, welcome the people both the young and the old from all directions, they value the hustle and bustle of life here. The people are able to study from each other and tolerate different views and ideas. Shanghai is a city with glorious traditions. In history, this city has always been the financial center of the country, and now it still ranks the first place in economy. It’s no doubt that it is the model of the richest city in the eyes of the whole country.



This city is a little small, but it has become one of the new first-level cities in recent years. Thanks to its unique location nearby Hongkong, the fast pace of living and lots of job opportunities attract the young to seek for successes. Although the residence prices in Shenzhen have raised into a higher level, it is still welcomed among the young generations, especially working for IT and related advanced technology industries.

The rich educational resources are popular among the parents who spare no efforts to create for kids. As the housing prices are relatively lower than Beijing and Shanghai, the cost of living is not expensive, so it is a good place to live.