There's more to travel than the sights you see


Today, society is full of highly educated and talented people, but very few people are self-conscious about themselves. Travelling seems to have become a way of showing off one's life by taking pictures and sharing them with friends. This is not real travel and is a failure and a waste of time.When you decide to go on a trip, think about why you want to go on a trip. Is it to relieve the stress in your life, or to find the beauty that is missing and to fill the hole inside?


We should be asking ourselves what we have gained from our travels, rather than a phone full of selfies and scenic shots. What kind of stories did we hear? What feelings did we have, what hit us, apart from the exhaustion of travelling, and how did we get infected in each tourist city or scenic spot?

Travelling increases your knowledge of life. It is better to read a thousand books than to travel a thousand miles. Only when you experience it for yourself will you have a perception of the world that is your own. What is given to you in books is someone else's experience, we can only truly understand when we have experienced it ourselves. The fundamental purpose of travelling is to learn about the world, to learn about yourself, to give yourself a force to push you forward when you have nothing to rely on and nothing to do. The experiences you have during your travels and the insights you gain from walking will be the most solid base for your life. Travelling is not about showing off your superiority or your life. Travelling is about enriching your life, gaining insight and experience, so that when you encounter problems you can think more, weigh up and be less blind and gullible. Travelling is quietly helping you to understand the world and quietly helping you to wipe the superficiality and ignorance off your face.


People who like to travel have a teenage heart full of curiosity about the world. To be more curious about life, to expect more from it, to see the world differently and to keep a child's heart. Life is about seeing the world differently and experiencing life differently, rather than resigning yourself to being enclosed in your own cage. The world is like an encyclopaedia. Travelling allows us to understand the splendour of the world, to learn about different cultures, to experience the history and civilisation of each region, and if you don't travel, then the world you see is limited to one corner. Travelling will make the book of life rich and colourful, travel more and leave a different mark on life.

Travelling, a prison break in life, the candy for a tiring day at work, travel will set you free when you are lost and make you sweet when you are miserable. How do you know you can live differently unless you travel?