China's most beautiful cities in Jiangnan


1. Suzhou

There is a paradise above and a Suzhou and Hangzhou below. This is the most beautiful city in southern China as written by a Chinese poet of the Tang Dynasty, and is also known as the 'water township of the south' in Chinese parlance. It is a city in China that is like a paradise, where people live near the water, with many small stone bridges and cultural monuments in the ancient style." Suzhou has many beautiful classical gardens, which were the private gardens of famous officials in ancient China. These gardens are famous for their unique artistic style of "luscious, simple and elegant". Also not to be missed is the Suzhou Museum, the last work of the "last master of modern architecture", located between the courtyards. We can also visit Shantang Street and enjoy the most beautiful night view of the ancient town at the surrounding ancient pier, which is sure to linger.


2. Wuxi

Wuxi is an important birthplace of Jiangnan civilisation, with a written history dating back to the end of the Shang Dynasty. Wuxi is a small, low-key city with a long history, with mountains and lakes, beautiful gardens and ancient canals that are thousands of years old, but there is much more than that. Known as the "Pearl of Taihu Lake", it is bordered by the Yangtze River to the north, Taihu Lake to the south, Suzhou to the east and Changzhou to the west, with the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal running through the territory; the watery lanes of Jiangnan on China's canal map are in Wuxi. Since ancient times, Wuxi has been the famous home of fish and rice in China, and is one of the birthplaces of Chinese national industry. It has a beautiful landscape, a long history and a rich and superior natural beauty. In Wuxi, we can visit the Lingshan Buddha, admire the lakeside of Liyuan, cycle around Taihu Lake and feel the breeze on our faces.


3. Nanjing

Nanjing is one of the first historical and cultural cities in China, an important birthplace of Chinese civilisation, and the political, economic and cultural centre of southern China. We can enjoy the old buildings of China's Republican era at Nanjing University, which offers different scenery throughout the year and is very beautiful in autumn against the backdrop of falling leaves. In Nanjing we can bask in the sun at Xuanwu Lake, sample the cuisine of southern China at the Lion Bridge and the Old Mendong Pedestrian Street, duck blood vermicelli soup and duck in sauce, the rich aroma of the sauce pours out, the duck meat is firm and tasty, the more you chew the better it gets. Nanjing preserving its long history and culture, and changing into a beautiful city with a bustling economy and the people of Nanjing are becoming happier and happier. If you also like these famous tourist attractions in Nanjing and want to taste authentic duck blood vermicelli soup, then you should definitely make a trip to Nanjing.