The perfect island for a vacation, Moreton Island

If you're already planning a vacation, it's time to consider Australia's Moreton Island. This island is the third largest sand island in the world and is also known as "Dolphin Island" because it resembles a dolphin when viewed from high above. Why does the article recommend this island as a great vacation island? Moreton Island also has a shipwreck area, Tangalooma Wrecks, on its west coast, which is a great place for snorkelling and attracts a lot of tourists every year.


Moreton Island's natural habitat is so beautiful, with its blue waters and lush green forests, that many seniors come here to recuperate and newlyweds choose to spend their sweet honeymoon here. Due to the mild temperatures all year round, the island is frequented by a large number of dolphins, so visitors can not only watch the dolphins but even have the opportunity to feed them themselves. If you are an animal lover, then you will love this place. Because in addition to dolphins, you can also join a whale-watching tour on a high-speed catamaran and look for humpback whales at sea. It is generally recommended to go with a tour, where an ecologist will give commentary throughout and a light lunch is provided on board. However, it should be noted that the whale watching program is only available from June to October every year, and if unfortunately there is bad weather and high winds at sea, the whales will hide and not see anyone.


The TangaloomaWrecks wreck on the west coast is a great place to snorkel on the island. Generally, it is best to book a day trip to Moton Island for snorkelling, which includes a trip to the sea and the provision of equipment for snorkelling. Take a guided boat ride into the wreck site area, where you can see the wreck, as well as many reefs, fish, coral clumps and other marine flora and fauna that have made the wreck their habitat.

There is also a helicopter tour that allows visitors to see the entire island from the air. There are several helicopter routes to choose from on Moreton Island, and this article recommends two in particular. 

The first is the 12-minute Morton Island, Northern Beaches and Freshwater Lake route. The first is a 12-minute tour of Morton Island, Northern Beaches and Freshwater Lake, which takes you over East Beach and Eagle Creek to Blue Lagoon, and back past the ruins of the Tenge Luma shipwreck and Australia's highest coastal dune, Mount Tempest. The second route is a special tour around the island, which has more than enough time and takes 30 minutes. You can see the magnificent scenery of Moreton Island from different angles. This is a richer flight route.


The article reminds readers that each helicopter can take up to three people, and since space is limited, it is best to book in advance if you want to participate.

Overall Moreton Island has pleasant scenery and plenty of sea activities to meet most vacation needs. If you are planning to go on an island vacation, then you should consider coming here.