How to arrange the oversea tour?

It must be a tough challenging if you want to have a summer vacation with families, and when you share your suggestion with members of family, they are little concern and question your financial capabilities. It makes you humiliation a lot. However, we have to admit that it is true without doubts. If you want to conduct the plan, you have to draft a general tour itinerary within your budget.

The tour is planned under the budget, it is critical to select carefully where to go.


Domestic or oversea tour

If an opportunity permits, you would like to travel in domestic or overseas? For me, I prefer to the later one, of course. If there is a big family tour, you have to think twice or more times before making final decision.

If all the group vote for the oversea tour, which country will be a better choice?

Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia or Western countries?

The tour around the Asian Area will be cheaper than the western ones. Once the destination is agreed among all the members. What’s the next question to overcome?


Airline tickets

Of course, tickets and international air-tickets!

For traveling abroad, the way by air will be faster than by train even though the cost also surprises you much. However, please not worry too much, there are several of online websites where sell discount tickets, if you are lucky, you are able to catch the tickets at the cheapest price, especially on the low season. It’s wise to buy round-trip tickets in group, which will help you save money lots. Now the tickets are removed from the listed issue, who would be next to kill over?


Hotel accommodation

Sleep well makes people fresh and young, so it is very important to have a good sleep on the tour. When booking hotels, you should pick up the suitable rooms for your families, including comfortable environment, nice service and acceptable price. If the hotels that also provide car-rent service will be the first one to consider, it would save time and money than you take the local vehicles. One important question you cannot forget to check when booking is the breakfast included within the room rate. Some hotels provides the morning meal for free while other will charge additional fee.


Food and Beverage Expense

Once you foot on the stranger place you never touch before, it’s reasonable for you to look around the new city and try the local food. When the family are planning to dine out, please make reservations, ask the menu and the cost first. If you don’t be ashamed of yourself and make other looks down you, you could check the restaurants online, to choose the restaurants with good reviews and feedback by other tourists. It would help to filter out better options.



Apart from the above, there are probably miscellaneous expenses.

In many countries, you only use local cell phone, if you don’t waste too much, before leaving for the tour, you could call the domestic tele-servers and ask them to open the international service for your mobile-phone, then you could use your own phone in oversea countries, don’t need to apply for a new local phone-card after the airline landing. At the end of tour, you probably want to buy some local foods and clothes, or souvenirs for friends or relatives, you could turn to the hotel for help and ask where to buy those stuff. It’s trustful to listen to the hotel’s recommendation, it would reduce the risk of being cheating and buying fake products.