Take stock of the hottest photo spots on Instagram in Phuket

To preserve the memories of your trip in a way that is perfect, it is to take pictures. Photos not only capture the meaningful moments of your trip but also give you a good memory afterwards. With spring break just around the corner, many tourists should have already planned their destinations and travel plans, and islands are still popular areas for travel. This issue's article will give readers a few recommended Phuket scenic spots suitable for taking photos so that your ins photos are popular.


Chalong Temple

Chalong Temple is the most gorgeous, largest and most popular Buddhist temple in Phuket, with 108 golden Buddhas enshrined inside. It is such a landmark that every tourist who comes to Phuket will visit this place and take a few pictures together. Many newlyweds come here to take wedding photos, hoping to imbibe the holy spirit of the Buddha. Chalong Temple, which combines the architectural styles of many regions of Thailand, has a truly stunning appearance. Visitors can choose to come here in the morning hours to visit and take photos, because the morning sun is better, which can set off the temple's clear outline and full of colour. However, due to the temple's tradition, there is a certain dress code for visitors, who need to take off their sunglasses and hats, take off their shoes and not wear shorts and skirts when entering the temple. If you want to take more exotic photos, then you can also wear the local traditional costume with the temple. A few great photo spots inside the Chalong Temple are the main hall, the stupa, and the elephant statue.


The beautiful island is a paradise for photography lovers.

One of the most popular attractions in Phuket, Royal Island is always popular with tourists. The sand here is fine and white, the water clear, with perfect natural tropical island scenery and unforgettable coral reef coast. With this as the background for photos, you don't even need post-retouching and colour mixing, after all, the natural colour is the best filter. The best time to take pictures here is from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. when the beach is not too sunny, but also to catch the softest light, suitable for seascape photos.

Phuket swing is the first swing-themed attraction in Thailand, with six swings and many cute doll sculptures, as well as sofas and bird's nest seats in various shapes, perfect for photo tours. Some of the swings are built on tall coconut trees, which can give you a thrilling experience. -At the top of Karen Beach, there is a viewing pavilion where you can see all three bays, Big, Little Kata and Karen, on a clear day.


There are many small restaurants on Kata Beach, where a variety of local cuisine and fresh seafood are served. -This is one of the famous places to enjoy the dusk sunset in Phuket.